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Wooden model kits


Wooden Models

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Artistic Wooden Models In Medicine Hat

Are you looking for an advanced and challenging hobby? Assembling wooden models is perhaps the right task for you. At Avalon Hobbies, we offer wooden mechanical models, puzzle boxes and educational toys that offer self-powered movement, using rubber band motors and fascinating systems of gears, flywheels, weights and gravity. We have 3 different Wood ship manufacturers we stock, plus UGEARS building kits that have something for everyone.


The wooden models we carry at our store in Medicine Hat take nothing but skills and patience to assemble. From easy models for beginners to intricately crafted mechanical models, our wooden kits ensure to keep you intrigued throughout the assembly process.

Contact our team, and we will guide you to choose the ideal model that matches your skill levels!

View of wooden model kits and accessories on display
Wooden air plane handcrafted with balsa wood

Enjoy Assembling Wooden Models?

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