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Model Ships


Popular Model Ship Kits in Medicine Hat

Starting a model ship collection or looking for a specific model to include in your display cabinet? Then, Avalon Hobbies is the right place to visit. We offer model ship kits for luxurious and historical ships, yachts, sailboats, ocean liners, battleships, cruisers and aircraft carriers at our store in Medicine Hat. We have small and large scale plastic Warships, and sailing ships. We also carry 3 different brands of wood ships as well.

Enjoy the history behind some of the beautifully crafted model ship kits, which are fun building solo or as family projects. Give us a call to get more information!

Tire tracks background
Top view Model Ship Building handcraft on table with different materials

Looking for a Model Ship?

Explore the plastic, and wooden ship kits Avalon Hobbies and Gifts has to offer.

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