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Wood & Structural Plastics

Tire tracks background

Balsa Wood & Evergreen Plastic Supplies in Medicine Hat

Have you noticed the lightweight features of various planes and ship models? It is due to the low-density materials used to avoid imbalance. At Avalon Hobbies, we offer wood and structural plastic supplies in various shapes and sizes to ensure your model building projects are successful. We have Balsa wood, and Basswood from a couple different companies, and if we don’t have the size you need, we can get it for you. We also have the complete selection of Evergreen Structural plastic.

Speak to our team in Medicine Hat and get all the information you need about the necessary supplies before you begin your project!

Wooden air plane handcrafted with balsa wood

Superior-quality Products

Build models and prototypes with light yet sturdy wood and Evergreen plastic products.

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