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View of assembling a RC vehicle wtih motor and chassis

Remote Control Parts & Tools

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Comprehensive R/C Replacement Parts in Medicine Hat

Has the performance of your remote-controlled toys gone down? Or have they become less responsive? Looking to customize your Remote control vehicle? If your answer is yes, then Avalon Hobbies in Medicine Hat has a large showroom you are going to love. We carry factory replacement parts for everything R/C we sell, Plus a large range of Factory, and aftermarket upgrades. We have a selection of aftermarket electronics, like Radios, ESCs and Brushless motors. Tons of Factory replacement bodies and aftermarket as well, in painted and unpainted versions.

Need tires? We have a whole isle full of tires for any needs. We also service your car if you want, or we can help you do it as well with over 40 years experience for both of us. We have the tools and knowledge to help you. Contact our skilled team for your specific needs today!

Remote Control Vehicle Tools

Large quantity in-stock!

we offer R/C tools that you will need to make the necessary adjustments to keep your vehicles fully functioning. We stock all different kinds of tools to work on your RC vehicle, in a wide variety of prices to suit your budget. Our store in Medicine Hat offers products that include ball end remover, camber gauge, car stands, chassis gauge, damper tools, hex wrenches, nut drivers, replacement tips, set up tools, soldering tools and turnbuckle wrenches.


We also offer modelling tools such as scissors, blades, side cutters, as well as needle files to ensure accuracy while building models.

View of assembling a RC vehicle wtih motor and chassis

Upgrade Your R/C Vehicle

Get parts that enhance the performance of your remote-controlled vehicles.

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