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Diecast model cars

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Diecast Cars

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Medicine Hat's Go-to Diecast Car Store

Are you passionate about collecting model cars as a hobby or investment? At Avalon Hobbies, we stock the shelves of our diecast car store in Medicine Hat with a wide range of collectible cars carefully modelled after real-life designs. We carry car models that represent the original vehicles' accurate interior and exterior design with a variety of detailed features such as high-quality paint, opening doors, hood, trunk, and rolling wheels.

We have Die-cast cars and trucks from many manufacturers in 1/18, and 1/24 scale. Walk into our store and pick your favourite vintage, classic, sport, muscle, SUV, or city car diecast collectible models today!

Some popular models

Replica of an off-road racing vehicle

Are You a Diecast Model Enthusiast?

We offer replica model cars with impeccable design and detailing.

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