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Proudly Serving Hobbyists in Medicine Hat for over 25 Years!

We aim to offer high-standard hobby products and models from brands you trust. 

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Medicine Hat's premier hobby store

Looking for a hobby store? You have reached the right place. We have a range of products that you simply won’t believe at Avalon Hobbies.


We’ve got all kinds of stuff at our Medicine Hat store, including Bandai and Gundam kits, Drones, Airplanes, Tanks, Trucks, and of course, everybody’s favourite, R/C cars. For those who prefer a slightly slower pace, we also stock railway models, Scenery supplies and accessories. If you’re a collector, we also have a great selection of Die-cast cars and trucks. We have Model Cars/Trucks, Truck and Trailers, Aircraft, Military Armour kits, and Sci-Fi and Space kits. We also have 12 different brands of paint in stock, and access to more.

Our store is a haven for hobbyists across Southern Alberta as we continue to expand our inventory to satisfy the needs of our valuable customers. Walk in and look at our products during your visit to Medicine Hat. We are always ecstatic to grow our community!

Extreme fun starts here

Green RC Monster Truck

Hands-On Expertise and Advice

In addition to our hobby products, we also provide expert advice to customers. We’ve been building and working on RC vehicles and models for over 40 years; if you need help sourcing the right parts or you’re not sure how to complete a project, talk to us! We can help steer you in the right direction. As a family-run business, we are more than just suppliers of Hobby products, we are active participants in a vibrant and fun-loving community.

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Need Paints, Tools or Supplies?

We stock a wide range of model-building products for you to choose from.

Complete Range of Model Kits

Build your own aircraft, rigs, ships, cars, armour kits and sci-fi models.

Looking for Some Adventure?

The remote-controlled toys we carry take the game to the next level.

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